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Navigating Matrescence in Motherhood: The Unspoken Journey into Motherhood

Welcome to Season 2 of the Empower 2 Heal podcast! This season is about Motherhood

and episode 2 is all about the developmental stage matrescence in motherhood!

Empower 2 Heal Podcast banner announcing season 2 episode 2: What does matrescence mean? Image of podcast host Dena Tibsherany holding her son with leaves in he background

In this season, we'll delve into the world of parenthood, with a focus on motherhood. This season is deeply personal for me, given my journey into motherhood. We'll begin by exploring the often-overlooked term, "Matrescence" starting in episode 2.

Join me as we understand its significance and implications for mothers!

Exciting news!

These episodes are now on YouTube! Click HERE watch!

Understanding Matrescence in Motherhood

Matrescence, a vital stage in the journey to parenthood, is often underestimated and underdiscussed. Similar to puberty, it's a measurable developmental phase that influences our biology, identity, and relationships. The surprising fact is that matrescence causes profound changes in our brains and bodies, akin to the early neurological developmental pace of a young child’s brain development.

Matrescence and Brain Development in Motherhood

During matrescence, your brain undergoes transformations comparable to the initial stages of a child's brain development. From self-regulation to cognitive development, your brain adapts rapidly. This lesser-known facet of matrescence is crucial in understanding the experiences of mothers.

Preparing for Matrescence in Motherhood

Matrescence isn't confined to pregnancy but begins when you start contemplating parenthood. Hormonal shifts, nesting instincts, and preparing the perfect space for your baby become prominent features of this journey. Society often emphasizes preparing the home for the child's arrival, sometimes overly focusing on consumerism and perfection; neglecting preparations for the mother’s upcoming developmental changes.

The Unspoken Challenge of Matrescence in Motherhood

Many expecting parents experience fear and uncertainty about childbirth. Despite thorough preparation for childbirth, many parents remain unprepared for the real challenges of motherhood, from emotional hardships, changes in relationships and sleep deprivation.

The Impact of Matrescence in Motherhood

Motherhood is a powerful and sacred role but it's also incredibly challenging. It tests our nervous systems, reshapes our identities, and challenges our fundamental beliefs. This transformative phase impacts not just our lives but also the neurological development of our brains and neural connections.

Stay tuned for more insights, as we continue our journey through matrescence and explore the transformative power of motherhood. In Season 2 of the Empower 2 Heal podcast we will unveil the uncharted territory of matrescence.

Thank you for joining us in this essential discussion.

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💖 With gratitude and love,

Dena Tibsherany


Your Motherhood Therapist, Coach, & Podcast Host

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