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We Would Love to Feature You!

Let's set up a 15 minute 
phone consultation to explore
being featured on the
Empower 2 Heal Podcast!
Empower 2 Heal Mission:

Empower 2 Heal Podcast is a platform to honor your healing journey and share what has empowered you to heal. People are looking to relate to others and learn through their experiences. We aim to hear from people across the world to learn how people from all different cultures and walks of life heal. We believe that healing is something that is ongoing and is done through everyday ordinary experiences, connections, and mindsets. 

Whether you are in the messy middle, or you feel you have the components in your life that you need to live a harmonious life, your story is one that deserves to be heard!


We want to feature you!

It is normal to be nervous about sharing your story, this consultation time can be used to meet, calm the nerves, ask questions to understand what the recorded interview may be like, and to plan to be interviewed! This is a no obligation consult, you are in the driver's seat of your healing journey and can choose to opt in or opt out at any time!


How it works:

Empower 2 Heal podcasts are recorded through an internet based web conferencing platform that allows us to record audio only or audio and video if warranted. This platform is commonly used by the public and is free to download.

Items you need in order to record:

  • A device to connect to the internet that has a microphone (phone, tablet, computer).

  • Headphones (preferably with a mic).

  • Your story/journey!

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