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The Empowered
First Year

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Postpartum Prep Course

Calling all expecting parents!

If you've been eagerly preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy, this course is tailor-made for you!



Discover the essential insights every parent deserves to know about the postpartum journey. Uncover the emotional, psychological, social, and relational dimensions of this transformative season, empowering yourself with knowledge.

Making Notes


Learn the 7 vital factors that all parents need to prepare for to support a healthy and present postpartum season. Walk away with your very own actionable and  individualized postpartum plan!

Wild Flowers


Thrive in motherhood.

Implement your plan with your partner and support system to cultivate the rewards of the groundwork you've laid, and cherish every moment of this special season of parenthood.

The Empowered First Year: Postpartum Prep Course

Embark on a transformative 4-week online course, guiding you through 7 essential factors to prepare for the first year post-childbirth. This comprehensive program offers step-by-step education and actionable strategies to nurture your emotional, relational, and mental well-being during this transformative period.

If you are the type of mama who has been planning for the arrival of your little one, than this course is for you!

Our "Empowered First Year" Planning Course is an online 4 week course that teaches you 7 vital factors to plan for in your postpartum season.

This course walks you through step-by-step planning to support your emotional, relational, and mental health in the year following childbirth.

The majority of mothers report feeling under-prepared and under-supported for the year following child brith. The statistics are staggering...

Research shows that:

  • 90% of mothers of young children report feeling lonely.

  • 1 in 5 mothers report symptoms of depression and anxiety in the year following childbirth.

  • 1 in 10 partners report symptoms of depression in the postpartum year.

  • Maternal mental health is the leading cause of maternal deaths in the United States and maternal mortality rates are on the rise in the US.

Every singe one of these statistics is preventable.


My goal is for you to NOT be one of theses statistics.

My goal is for you to THRIVE in Motherhood. 

By intentionally preparing for an Empowered First Year, you take the reins on your journey in the postpartum season. 

Join The Empowered First Year: Postpartum Prep Course! 


  • Join this online easy to access 4 week course where you unlock new material to plan for each week and can complete at your convenience throughout the week.

    • This course can be attended on the internet via phone, tablet, or desktop computer.​

  • Throughout the 4 weeks, engage in virtual weekly powerful post-birth planning Q&A Coaching sessions with founder Dena Tibsherany; a Licensed Masters Level Perinatal Mental Health Certified Therapist and Coach (recorded and made available for all members to rewatch or view when available).

    • Q&A Coaching sessions will be held virtually via Zoom ​for your convenience.

  • Attend with your partner. Each participant may invite their partner to join them in planning. Complete the modules together in the course, get both of your questions answered in our Q&A Coaching sessions, and deeply support one another as you grow your family together.

  • Walk away with a printed out and completed individualized plan for your Empowered First Year.

  • Learn the risk factors to be aware of in the first year following child birth.

  • ​Build your protective factors to support you in navigating the first year and decrease your risks.

  • Learn collective wisdom from the Empowered Mamas community about what they "wish they knew" before birthing their babies.

  • Have an on demand list of resources to support you and your baby's needs in this season.

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