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If you are the type of mama who has been planning for the big day, than this course is for you!

Our "Empowered First Year" Planning Course is a $28 online course that you can take whenever is convenient for you!


  • Engage in a powerful post-birth planning session with Dena Tibsherany a Licensed Masters Level Perinatal Mental Health Certified Clinician and Coach.

  • Plan for a healthy recovery from birth and support your transition into a new phase of your life.

  • Walk away with a printed out and completed individualized plan for the first year.

  • Learn the risk factors to be aware of in the first year following child birth, AKA the Postpartum season.

  • ​Build your protective factors to support you in navigating the first year.

  • Learn collective wisdom from the Empowered Mamas community of all of the things they shared they "wish they knew" before birthing their babies.

  • Have an on demand list of resources to support you and your baby's needs in this season.

  • Take this affordable and easy to access course at your convenience on our Empowered Mamas App on your phone, tablet, or computer.

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