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Meet Dena T.

LMSW, Mental Wellness Coach, Podcast Host, Wife, Mother

Hello you beautiful souls!

My name is Dena Tibsherany. I work with mothers and mothers to be to help care for their mental health in motherhood. My mission is to support you in thriving as a mom.


I am a mama, wife, and social worker, with over a decade of experience working in the mental health field as a clinician and leader at a public outpatient mental health clinic for children and their families. I have devoted my career to empowering the most marginalized and at risk populations of youth and their families/caregivers on their healing journeys, as well as leading a workforce to do the same. 


I am an empathic soul who loves connecting with others and finds pure joy in helping others manifest their potential to achieve healing. My specialities lie within the rapport I build with those I serve, my assessment skillset, my integration of mind and body connection, and my ability to discover and unearth each individual's inherent strengths and interests to pull them through the darkest times of their lives. 

Please note that I provide coaching services and intentionally do not provide therapy. Many of my clients are in therapy, have been in therapy, or are looking for practical mind body tools to improve their wellness. As a therapist for many years, I have found that clients often struggle outside of therapy sessions with application and implementation of the skills they are learning. My services support you in implementing cognitive behavioral and mind body skills within your community to support you in achieving your mental wellness goals.


I believe that the key to healing is believing in yourself, connecting to your support system, truly loving yourself and taking ownership of your life. You are the hero in your own life, the expert of you, and you deserve to feel honored in all of your glory and to learn ways to harness your power to heal! 

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