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Empowered Mamas Club

Step into a community that will change your life.

Our Empowered Mamas Club is a community where moms heal and grow through the season of motherhood while strengthening their community by engaging in experiential learning and hands-on practices led by mental wellness and motherhood coach, Dena Tibsherany.

The Empowered Mamas Club is housed on a private app and private Facebook community, providing you everything you need at the tips of your fingers no matter where you live.

Online Club Membership

Exclusive Private Community

Surround yourself with the energy, friendships, and support systems you need to level up in your life.

Weekly Virtual Gatherings

Laugh, chat, and connect with like-minded mamas during our monthly events, designed to spark joy.

Wellness Teachings & Practices
Learn whole-body approaches to move energy and emotions through and out of your body.
Community Challenges 
Implement healing practices and adopt new and healthy habits in a supportive community with 1:1 accountability. ​
Practical Skill Building
Begin to understand why you feel the way you do.
Learn skills to reimagine your standards and meet your needs in motherhood.
Join challenges to implement the skills you're learning with the support of the Mamas Club community.
Online Support Groups
Join us as we support one another through motherhood. Feel heard, validated, supported, and feel the joy of doing the same for others.
Give Back
10% of each membership purchased goes towards scholarships for the Empowered Mamas Club.

The Empowered Mamas Club is Founded on Research and
Real Life Experiences

I understand, first hand, that the complexities of motherhood are like nothing you may have ever experienced before.


My journey into motherhood blindsided me. I was expecting the rush of endorphins and the overwhelming joy of having my baby earth-side and pictured myself pushing my little one in the stroller with a pack of moms by my side. I had dreams for our family that was rooted in the feeling of bliss and wholeness and supported by a community of other mamas smiling and living their best lives. Once I gave birth to my son, I found myself floundering through life for the following year, battling crippling anxiety, obsessive-compulsive intrusive thoughts, and feeling like I had lost the once chipper, optimistic, organized, and intrinsically driven ME.


Since then, I have met hundreds of moms who have helped me realize that I am not alone!


  • Do you struggle with mom guilt, overwhelm, constant states of worry and to-do lists, and a newfound sense of isolation.

  • Do you feel as though they have lost your individual identity separate from being “mom”, and struggle to find yourself outside of this role? 

  • Do you often feel isolated as a mother?

  • Do you fear that your struggles will be perceived as not being grateful for being a mother?

  • Do you fear being judged and alienated further?


If so, please know that you are not alone.

Club Member Testimony:

“I came to the Empowered Mamas Club when I was at my lowest. I was 1-month postpartum seeking help and looking for a connection with other mothers who could share their experiences and uplift each other. I am so grateful I came upon this group that has been so supportive. Dena is an amazing person who really cares about us women and does everything in her power to help us out. I am forever grateful for this support group.” - Christian

One of my favorite researchers and doctors in the mental health field stated that “The best predictor of your current mental health is your current “relational health,” or connectedness”.

(PERRY et al., What Happened To You; Conversations on Trauma Resilience, and Healing 2022).


He goes on to share at the Importance of Connection Symposium that “Every single part of the brain and all the rest of your body are influenced by relational interactions”.

(Wink, The importance of connection, a symposium with dr. Bruce Perry 2019)

Club Member Testimony:

Thank you so much for being there. For checking on me, for never being pushy but always letting me know you are present. It has been so healing to have other mamas to talk to that have been through the same…I wanted to tell you because of the support group that I ended up having through all this, the Lord, my husband, my family, and you guys (the Empowered Mamas Club), I feel like have really saved my life. I am in such a better place now than when I was diagnosed. Even stopped taking my meds and will start up again if I feel I need to… I wanted to thank you”.

- Christy

As I have journeyed through motherhood, connected in mom groups with others, served mothers in the mental health system, and conducted research it has become clear to me that we have a large gap in our society around mothers’ unmet needs.

There is a common belief that medication and therapy are the routes to healing and a compounding belief that when someone does these things and does not get better than something is inherently wrong with them.

After spending a decade as a therapist and clinician, I can attest that the majority of one’s healing doesn’t happen in a therapy appointment.


Healing happens in community, through a compilation of many baby steps and actions that shift how you desensitized your nervous system, through predictable and safe support systems, through many different “therapeutic doses” and experiences throughout your days that support you in making sense of the world around you, making sense of your past, and security in your days. 

Club Member Testimony:

“The Empowered Mamas Club has been instrumental in supporting me through my PPD/PPA journey.  I was searching for anything that could help and I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon Dena’s community.  It has been so awesome connecting with the other women and knowing that I am not the only one walking this long and winding road.  It has helped me articulate my thoughts and feelings, establish positive habits, smile during fun opportunities, and a safe place to land in the event I needed support immediately.  If I had not found this group I know I would still be searching and feeling so alone and lost.  I know I have made connections that will last.” - Mallory

Just For Moms

The Empowered Mamas Club is built for anyone who considers themselves to be a mother of a child at any stage of life.


It brings mothers together, to connect and share relatable journeys in the safety of a community amongst a sisterhood that is committed to healing and growing. Dr. James Gordon teaches about the benefit of sharing community in his book, The Transformation, stating “Each of us gives the other a mirror in which we can more easily see our own challenges, a mirror that may show us unexpected ways to meet those challenges” (Gordon, The transformation: Discovering wholeness and healing after trauma 2019).

Mothers are the creators, gatekeepers, and divine healers. We have the power to bring life into this world, shape and mold the lives of those we mother, break the cycle of generational trauma and influence future generations.


Research around attunement, attachment, trauma, and healing the nervous system show a clear trickle-down effect in maternal mental health and children’s mental and physical health. By supporting mothers, we support the entire family unit and future generations.

Club Member Testimony:

“The transition into motherhood is a hard one. It can be exhausting and stressful and incredibly lonely. Support has been such a crucial part in my journey into motherhood and the Empowered Mamas Club has helped me feel heard and welcomed as a new mom. It’s truly empowering and uplifting when I’m in need of it, and knowing I’m not alone in my struggles has set me up for a happier postpartum experience overall! I’m so thankful for this club!” -Brooke

Our Approach to Healing

The Empowered Mamas Club combines community, education, and wellness practices/challenges to support healing.


As a collective, the community votes on what type of training they would like to participate in for the month. Corresponding practices are then created through community challenges to support the implementation of the healing practices learned.


All trainings and practices are created from evidence-based research on healing the mind and body and utilize the power of community to support this growth.


The Empowered Mamas Club combines a mixture of learning, practicing, community building, and JOY into our club through weekly zoom events and by connecting daily in the online community and challenges. 

Club Member Testimony:

“The Empowered Mamas Club has become a place I look forward to being in each week. It's full of fellow mamas who "get" what I'm going through, and it just feels so good to be heard and supported, wherever you are in your motherhood journey. My favourite event probably thus far has been the fun night we had. Often as moms, we forget to just laugh. So to tuck the kids in bed, hop on zoom and just have some gut-wrenching laughs and be silly feels so so good.  Laughter is the best medicine and is such a good way to heal. Thanks, Dena Tibsherany for creating this space to make new friends, to bear each other's burdens, and to cheer each other one in our mom journey!” - Rachel

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