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Your Motherhood Therapist

Thrive in motherhood

Hey mama!


Are your thoughts running rampant while you wonder when you are going to get a chance to shower, go to the bathroom, or have 2 seconds alone?

Do you find unwanted thoughts creeping into your mind that upset you? 


Do you wonder who you are outside of "Mom" and when you will get to experience the other aspects of the life you worked hard for?

If so...

you're in the right place!


I get it, motherhood is FULL of unexpected big emotions that we can get lost in.


Yes we can love all of the snuggles/endearing moments AND we can feel like an absolute train wreck with our emotions out of control.

Both can be true AND both are true, for all of us mamas (including me!).

You are a good mom and there is NOTHING wrong with you.

You are in a new phase of life, which requires new skills, some different insight, and a chance to heal.


That's where I come in.

I'm  Dena Tibsherany
Your Motherhood therapist

I have personally walked the ups and downs of motherhood and have built a framework for healing that combines approaches across many frameworks.

I use a trauma informed whole human approach to healing; guiding you in connecting to your mind, body, spirit, & community to influence how you think, feel, & act.


I'll support you on your journey to unlock the power you have within yourself to heal & feel your best.


Interventions may include guided visualization/meditation, breath work, emotional release/regulation, therapeutic thought work, & nutrition. 


Together we are going to uncover the light at the end of this intimidating tunnel of motherhood and walk the path out.


I will support you in building and feeling confident in your skills to navigate the inevitable ebbs and flows ahead and to heal the wounded parts of yourself that keep getting triggered.


Schedule a free consult with me at Empowered Minds Counseling today.

Schedule a free consult with me at Empowered Minds Counseling today.

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