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Building Resilience When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you grin and bear it when doing hard things?

This past Saturday, my wise little 4 year old turned 5. *Insert confusing crying face here 🥴😭*

I truly have felt so many mixed emotions as I reflect back on the last 5 years of his short life. A before my son seems like it never existed and my time with him feel like it has gone by in the blink of an eye. I know everyone says, don't blink...they grow up fast. BUT HOLY MOLY they ever!

As this week was approaching I felt myself unravel in disbelief, in sadness that his school years are starting and excitement for this chapter. I don't want my baby to grow but I never want him to stop growing! When I watch him, I am just in awe...I have just witnessed the largest amount of growth that he will go through in his entire life. His little brain and body have grown more in this short time span than they ever will again...Like think of that for a second! Here he is, smiling and happy, optimistic, and curious all while facing the most extreme growth period of his life.

Can you say RESILIENCE!

Literally...he can go into a day of unknown experiences, be curious and timid and excited all at the same time. Experience let down, rejection, happiness, and connection within split seconds of each other and ride the waves of each. He allows himself to feel his emotions and then moves on moments later. I mean I know he told us all about his magical powers in episode 34 (catch it here if you missed it)...but come on man!!! Share the goods!

In all do they do this?

Well, I spent the past few weeks thinking about it, analyzing my own behaviors, reflecting on past experiences, and researching...and I finally feel like I have cracked the code on resilience!

...Now, I am no resilience guru like my now 5 year old, but I feel like I am catching on!

Metaphorically, resilience lies is in how we "weather the storm". We can either grin and bear it, come out all topsy-turvy on the other end, fight mother nature, run away, or stick our head in the sand like an ostrich....


We can learn how to anchor ourselves and align our emotions, feelings, ego, mind (all the things) with our body in order to anchor ourselves to weather the storm.

I must say...sometimes I choose the less graceful approach and feel the effects, but I gotta tell you, that is no way to live life! I don't want to feel like I have to grin and bear it through the never ending load of tough stuff coming my way.

So, here I am, recording a new podcast episode on choosing uncomfortable circumstances daily to create practice in building resilience. Call me crazy or decide 😉 👉🏻Episode 40: Building Resiliency When you Feel Like Giving Up👈🏻

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