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Healing Our Emotions Through Healing Our Hormones

Heads up...this email contains convos about hormones and details around female cycles/postpartum.

Quick Announcements for my busy bees who don't want to read too much:

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SO... I am sitting here, in the lobby of my physical therapy office, literally feeling SOmany emotions. Tomorrow is a BIG day for me. It will be my very first time leaving my son since he was born and I feel a wreck!

It’s crazy how much my emotions have changed since having a baby. My life has been filled with so much joy and abundance while simultaneously being filled with MASSIVE amounts of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm.

After I had my son, it felt like my whole world exploded. My heart grew a million times and my fear grew to match it. My emotions became unpredictable, I felt overstimulated, and easily overwhelmed at the thought of things that used to be typical and normal in my day. I remember being prepared for an emotional roller coaster post-baby. I had my placenta encapsulated to support my hormone regulation and was mentally prepared for a couple of tough weeks…but those weeks turned into months and into years and finding relief from my emotions and hormone changes seemed so dang hard! I found it within myself to connect to a functional medicine doctor and began a journey of understanding what my body needs in order to find a state of homeostasis (balance and regulation again). My wonderful doctor (Dr. Parke at Arizona Wellness Medicine) began educating me on how to heal my emotions through healing my body…and this began the start of my journey with balancing my hormones. I was surprised to learn that I could personally control my emotions through things in my own control. I had always had this mindset that hormone imbalance would equate to psychiatric medications or hormone replacement therapy.

That was what was familiar to me in my line of work... In the mental health field when you are struggling with low serotonin, you are often prescribed an SSRI. When my mom was hormonal it was time to change her hormone patch…

I literally thought that these were going to be my options! And gosh dang it, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I would not have to rely on these extreme measures and that I could personally do things each day to help balance my hormones myself.

I’ve since learned that I was not the only one who didn’t know that you could regulate your hormones through everyday things in your own control. I also now know that my hormones are not in control of me. I do not need to be a victim to my hormones, I do not need to see myself as hormonal, I do not need to feel that PMS or the week of my period is always going to be a rough time.

I know what you're thinking…

what do you mean PMS doesn’t have to be a thing, doesn’t have to control me, doesn’t have to be my reason for picking fights with those I love!

😂 I know…this information is REVOLUTIONARY!

This week I had the honor of sitting down with a brilliant hormone coach, Audrey S Geyer, on the podcast. She shared such mind-blowing information around hormone health, the ways that hormones impact us, what our hormones do in the postpartum season, and simple life hacks you can implement to help regulate your own hormones. Come join us in this fun and enlightening conversation HERE!

I have been so proud of my hormone journey, I just know you are going to absolutely love and become obsessed with your own!

For the mama’s out there:

If you are looking for a little extra support in motherhood, I got you. Come join us in our free Empowered Mama’s support group on zoom, every other Tuesday at: 4:30pm MST/ 7:30pm EST. Our next group is on September 28th. You can click HERE to register.

Calling all pregnant and postpartum mamas!

I have a little something special coming up for those who are pregnant or in their postpartum season! I am creating some exciting projects just for you! Stay tuned to my emails (which you can sign up for at the bottom of my website) and my social media for all the updates!

In addition, I launch a new Quiz I am creating! It is a "Name It to Tame It Postpartum Emotion Quiz" to help you navigate your postpartum emotion journey! If you are in your postpartum season and struggeling, feel free to take this quiz to learn tips and tricks on ways to begin to feel better. I am also creating some opportunities to become a founding member of a Postpartum Wellness Coaching Group where you will learn about what your body is experiencing and how to navigate through it. Email me HERE if you would like to learn more!

Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all, for your love and support as you have listened to Empower 2 Heal and supported One World Empowered. The outpouring of love and messages I get is truly my inspiration for continuing to bring you powerful stories of healing that showcases that we all have the power we need within us to heal 💖 If you are new here...

☺️WELCOME!☺️ We are so happy to have you as part of our community! Let us know what you are enjoying most, what is making an impact on you, send some love and gratitude to our guests, and share what or who you would love to hear on our show 👉🏻here.

With much love and gratitude,

Dena T 💖

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