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You have the power within yourself to heal.

Plan for Your first year

online course

Prepare your mind, body, and relationships for the first year after childbirth.

A convenient and informative online course that guides you and your partner/support system in preparing for the formative season of life following childbirth.

  • Learn how reduce your chances of experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety struggles and learn tools to support optimal health in the year following childbirth.

  • Prepare your relationship for the changes you’ll experience as your family grows.

  • Create a tangible plan that supports you in enjoying this season of life, allowing you to be more present with your baby.

  • Receive a list of resources for the first year of motherhood.

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Empowered mamas club


A monthly membership to an exclusive community of mamas who are leveling up their lives as they work to become the best versions of themselves. Join fellow mamas who are ready to shake up their lives and move from exhausted, emotionally heavy, and overwhelmed to commanding control despite your circumstances.


Empowered Mamas Club creates community through an exclusive facebook group, online gatherings, group challenges, support groups, group coaching, and teachings. Surround yourself with a support system that matches your desire for your lifestyle and learn practical skills within a community who will support you with your goals.


Empowerment-focused mental wellness coaching that utilizes mind and body techniques to support you in harnessing your innate power to heal. Empowering mental wellness for women, mamas, parents of children with unique needs, and those desiring to heal from trauma.

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