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You Cannot Selectively Numb Your Emotions

Becoming attuned with our feelings is the key to feeling all the things we want to in life.

In order to become attuned with ourselves, we need to be be able to drop into our bodies. Our bodies are the first line of communication to our brain. We first sense our outer world and our inner feelings and then our brain comes in and tries to make sense of what we are experiencing. When we think of ourselves going through life in this manner, there is no denying the importance of supporting ourselves in becoming attuned with our bodies, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. As I shifted my interpretation of how I interact with the world through my senses, I unlocked my ability to open up to a whole new level of living. A way of seeing, feeling, experiencing life around me that is not always inhibited by my overanalyzing, doubt filled mind. It became clear to me, that some things that make no logical sense in my ego focused mind, make perfect sense to my body. I remember my first experience as a child questioning the disconnect between my mind and my body. I was in trouble for something I had done, my body was shaking and trembling while I laughed uncontrollably; my mind however felt complete remorse and sorrow for what I had done. I was a preschool aged kid when I first experienced this and it didn't make any sense to me. I was taught that if someone is smiling and laughing then they are happy and if someone is shaking and trembling they are not okay; if your mind feels sad then you should look sad. My body did none of these things in the proper way... Now as you can imagine, this got me into some further trouble every now and then. I had to learn to cover my face with my hands to hide my laugh when I was upset so people would think it was the right expression for the feeling I truly felt inside. This silly and simple example is such a beautiful expression of learning to tap into our bodies to hear their messages rather than tapping into our mind or our ego. If I had lived in the land of analyzing my behavior when I felt a feeling...I may have exacerbated my struggles by speaking poorly to myself; saying I was wrong, bad or stupid for expressing my emotions the way I had been...and trust me those thoughts came at first. They often echoed the feedback others gave me about why would I be smiling if I was in trouble. But as I got older and began to understand the processes my body was going through, I began understanding that my body was overwhelmed with a big emotion and it just needed to get it out. It didn't know the difference between a laugh and a sob, it trembled and shook to express and release something that my mind didn't quite comprehend at the time. When we start to notice how our body feels, honor the message it is delivering, the sensation we are feeling, and breathe in and move that part of our body in the way that feels best....we support ourselves in becoming attuned with ourselves and embodied. I love thinking about healing through this mindset. Our bodies are so much wiser than our minds will ever be. If we can learn to tap into our bodies through our breath, movement, and intention...we can begin to lead through our bodies rather than our ego. We can begin to heal things we never even knew existed or never could quite put our finger on. This week I had the honor of connecting with Priscilla Rodgers, and embodiment coach for women. She and I went live on Instagram to record my first ever live podcast! about doing an uncomfortable thing and strengthening that resiliency muscle! 🤗 Priscilla joined me in conversation about healing through our bodies. We had such an enjoyable conversation talking about childhood trauma, trauma in general, the power of our internal and external felt senses, ways to move through our trauma and heal through these senses. Our convo is all about healing through the body, not the head. We disprove the common misconception that you have to talk about or even mentally remember your trauma to heal through it. Join us in this powerful conversation and take steps to become embodied in your healing journey! Your an tune in to our IG TV HERE or you can listen on our podcast HERE. And remember, as we step away from living life heavily influenced through our mind:

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