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What Happens During Matrescence in Motherhood?

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We've been talking about Matrescence in Motherhood on the blog and on the podcast for the past couple of weeks; unraveling this developmental stage one aspect at a time.

Matrescence, is the developmental stage that mothers go through, characterized by significant physical, psychological, and emotional changes.

Today, we are going to shine a spotlight on the profound physical experiences that mothers encounter during this season of life, spanning pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.


The Sacred Journey of Matrescence in Motherhood

Matrescence begins long before you cradle your little one in your arms. It encompasses a remarkable spectrum of physical changes that accompany motherhood, from conception to the postpartum stage and beyond. These changes are more than skin deep, they are a testament to the incredible journey of matrescence.


Physical Changes in Your Journey Through Matrescence

Trying to conceive and pregnancy are the inception of matrescence, it's a time of profound physical transformation. Your body adapts to nurture and protect the growing life within. From the hormonal shifts and morning sickness to the stretching of your belly and the shifting of your body's center of gravity, every experience is a sign that matrescence is well underway. Your body silently orchestrates the development of your baby, from the formation of tiny eyeballs to the growth of their precious heart. It's a miraculous journey that is difficult for the human brain to fully comprehend.


The postpartum stage, often mistakenly associated solely with emotional and psychological changes, also holds immense physical significance in matrescence. Your body has just completed a remarkable feat of bringing new life into the world. You start producing milk, beginning with colostrum, a nutrient-rich yellowish substance that nourishes your newborn and then milk. This is just the beginning of a supply-and-demand process that can be challenging for many mothers who choose to feed their baby breastmilk.


Beyond feeding, your body undergoes significant changes. Your uterus contracts, your muscles heal, and your body morphs as it works to return to a non-pregnant state. It's a time when you might need the assistance of a pelvic floor physical therapist to strengthen your body post birth. It is also a season when mothers report feeling discomfort and feeling foreign in their own bodies.


Embracing Matrescence in Motherhood

It's essential to understand, in the season of matrescence, that you are often faced with a toxic culture that is telling you to “bounce back” after childbirth. Bounce back culture implies that you should return to your pre-baby self, in all aspects of our life. Its an unavoidable message that you will be inundated with at every turn, and it is up to you to challenge this narrative.


The truth is, motherhood is a bridge to a new life and a new you. You will never be who you were before you had a baby, there is no going back. This is the season to embrace this change as a celebration of your strength and power.

Your body may transform in ways you didn't anticipate. You might notice differences in your appearance, like loose skin or stretch marks. These are badges of honor, symbols of how your body adapted to hold and nurture your baby during pregnancy.




Today, we've highlighted the incredible physical aspects, from the miraculous transformation of pregnancy to the healing and recovery of the postpartum period and beyond. As you navigate these changes, remember to honor and celebrate the new you that motherhood brings.

You are powerful, wise, and capable of nurturing new life.


If you've found this exploration of matrescence enlightening and resonant, we invite you to dive even deeper into this transformative journey by tuning in to the Empower 2 Heal podcast.

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Together, we can challenge the toxic narratives and embrace the profound changes of this remarkable season of life!

Listen now and embrace the adventure of matrescence!

Thank you for joining us in this essential discussion!

💖 With gratitude and love,

Dena Tibsherany


Your Motherhood Therapist, Coach, & Podcast Host

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