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Reflection and Intention Setting

Happy December!

It’s my favorite month and favorite time of the year!

For me, December is a time for family, food, celebration, and reflection!

Speaking of reflection, here is your reminder to give yourself permission to ignore, delete and quiet the ads that prey on insecurities.

  • Delete all the diet fad ads.

  • Change the narrative of the new year new you campaigns from “bouncing back” or “shedding weight”.

  • Embrace this season and the traditions you love

True reflection comes from within…not from advertisements telling you what you “need”.

When I reflect on my year, I look at the intentions I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

These are typically intentions around how I want to feel and experience life.

For example, my intention for 2022 is to feel ALIVE.

It has nothing to do with how I look and everything to do with how I FEEL.

What reflections will you be focusing on as you think of your year?

I know this can feel like a daunting question!

You don’t have to try to walk yourself through it alone <3

Join me on Zoom on Tuesday 12/27 at 5:30pm MST for our 2nd Annual New Years Reflection and Intention Setting Circle.

We will get ourselves organized, reflect on 2022 and create intentions together through a step-by-step guided practice.

This will be a small group setting with limited tickets, so grab your tickets now!

Get Your Ticket HERE!

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