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Do You Ever Have Seasons of Questioning Your Beliefs?

Recently I entered into a season of confusion. Confusion around who is the God that I believe in. I feel like these seasons are super healthy for us to experience. We should always be challenging our belief systems and strengthening our ties with our spirituality as we grow throughout life. New life experiences, bring new opportunities to understand yourself, your existence, and your world around you. I know this thought may be controversial, but in the end, I believe questioning strengthens your spirituality.

This past season was a crazy spiritual journey for me! I began navigating through the perceptions of God that other people had and tapping into the reality of who God is to me. I asked myself questions like how can I believe in the power of the universe and the power of energy if I believe in God? Is this deceitful to my God? Is this questioning my God's existence? I literally went down a journaling rabbit hole, sitting with my thoughts, questioning them further and further while meditating with divinely timed music. It sounds lovely in theory...but let me tell you, it was a messy journey!

People always share spiritual awakening moments like these blissful unfodlings of events that guide them to peace. My journey was filled with tears, snot, days of feeling like a complete ball of mushed up emotions, and moments of numbing myself with Netflix. Truly not a pretty sight 😂

And in the end of my spiritual journey towards understanding my beliefs again...I realized something that my sweet 4 year old boy inherently already knew. I remembered that God is the universe, the energy surrounding us and within us, he is it all. My dear boy popped on my podcast with me to share his bedtime pillow talk. He processes his day while I tuck him in and sometimes drops theses nuggets of wisdom that blow me out of the water and guide me when I need it the most. Well, this particular night he took me on a journey of understanding who God was through his we hopped out of bed and popped on the podcast so he could impart his wisdom in a manner to share with all. We can all use a little grounding and centering in our lives, who better than to enlighten us than the brilliant little ones that fill our hearts!

Come on over to the podcast and chat with me and my son about God, the universe, spiritual awakening, breaking our binary thinking, the power of Yoga, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Prayer. You can find us in HERE in episode 38 on the Empower 2 Heal podcast!

<3 Dena T.

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