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Treating Loneliness by Bridging Connections

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Have you ever felt like you are the only one going through something big? For instance, have you thought to your self, why me? Why does this always happen to me?

In a society where life feels lonely despite being surrounded by people (virtually or in our communities) it is important to push through the overstimulating noise of the day and connect with others who we truly can relate to.

The other day, I received a DM from a woman who was reaching out to bridge connections for folks who are experiencing loneliness in the face of adversities. We started talking and she began sharing her journey with me. It turned out, this woman's experiences as a mother were so dang similar to my own and she herself had not found someone to relate to. In her journey to bridge these connections, she built a non-profit organization to connect people from all over the world. I was truly astounded and impressed by what she had shared that I had to invite her onto the Empower 2 Heal podcast to learn more!

Peace Pals is a global initiative that brings people together with common struggles in an effort to combat feelings of loneliness that often accompany their experiences. The founder, Kirsty Daube’s personal experiences with anxiety, postpartum anxiety and depression left her feeling lonely, confused, and misunderstood. Though she felt alone in her journey, she believed that she was not alone. This experience led her to create Peace Pals in March of 2021 to help bring people together who are wanting and searching for connection in their lives. In just a few months, she has connected people all over the globe to one another, combating loneliness and initiating the beginning steps of healing.

Come learn about this powerful initiative and discover how you can become connected!

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In this episode we’re talking about...

  • The power of human connection

  • Treating loneliness

  • Moving through fear

  • Honoring your story

  • Anxiety

  • Mental Illness

  • Trauma

Connect with Peace Pals:

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