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Healing Through Postpartum

A guided visualization to integrate what you learned.


Thank you so much for joining me in learning about Healing Through Postpartum! 
It is easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of information learned and not know where to begin. 

Below is a recording of a guided meditation to lead you towards your inner wisdom so you may figure out where to start or what to do next in your journey. 


Find a space where you feel safe to sit, close your eyes, ground yourself, and breathe.

Create space to journal after you complete this meditation to support integrating what you experienced into a personalized healing plan.
Healing Through Postpartum
00:00 / 11:51
What did you learn that you need to do?
What is your first step?
What did your inner Saige tell you?
Where are you going to begin?

Notice the life that you are stepping into:
When you climbed out of the darkness...
What did you see?
Who was surrounding you when you stepped out of the cave?
What did you feel?
What were you physically doing?
What were you eating?
What did you smell?
What did you experience?
What brought you joy and peace?
What do you know to be true?

What will the "next right thing" be for you in your journey?
Take Aligned Action
In order to claim the life you dream of and make it a reality, you must take aligned action.
Now go and DO.
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