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Welcome to the Club!

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You just took a MAJOR
step towards creating
the community and support system
you have been craving!

Accessing your Membership

  1. Request to join our private Facebook (FB) community HERE from the Facebook username you entered when you registered to join our community.

    • Our private FB page is our HUB. You will find all events, reminders and discussions in this group. 

    • Request to join will be approved daily.

  2. Go to the Events tab in the FB group and RSVP for the events you would like to attend.

    • Please be sure to RSVP before attending and mark your calendar with the details so you don't forget.

  3. Introduce yourself in our Facebook community.

    • Feel free to do this in the way that feels best for you. You can post a video, a picture, or write out your introduction. 

    • Share your name, your role as a parent, your intentions for joining this community, and anything else you wish to share!

  4. Be active in the FB community.

    • The polls, questions, and activities hosted in the FB group are a core element of the Empowered Mamas Club. Be sure to engage in them and share your ideas to get the full benefit of being a member of this community.

    • Remember, within the community, you get what you give. So, if your intentions are to build strong connections and support systems, it will require you to put yourself out there and take the steps to make this happen. The opportunities will be made available to you, you must seize the moments. <3

  5. If you are having trouble accessing the FB group or have questions, please email me at


...and that's it!

I can't wait to get to know you! 


I'll see you in the Facebook group!

<3 Dena Tibsherany

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