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Maternal Mental Health
Nutrition Resources

Hello Mama! 😊
Did you know that your gut is considered your second brain?


It's true!

A healthy gut microbiome and mental health are directly related.

In fact, research shows that 95% of Serotonin also known as our "happy hormone", is produced in our gut! 

Healing my gut was the first step I took to healing through postpartum anxiety, depression, and OCD. This was foundational for me and allowed me to implement holistic interventions to regulating my nervous system and shift my energy without needing more intense interventions such as psychiatric medications.

I know you are probably wondering where you can start on your journey with healing your gut, so I have created a small resource library of information to support you in healing your gut to heal your mental health.

You can access the library below <3

Get the resource library now <3

Click here to download

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