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Supporting moms mental health and wellbeing.

Thrive In Motherhood.

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Trauma Informed Approaches

Mindfulness Based

Education Rooted in Mental Health  Wellness

Reframing Thought Patterns

Mind Body Connection

What moms are saying

My time every week with the Empowered Mamas Club is sacred...It is a safe place to be real and vulnerable because the other mamas are dealing with the same issues and concerns. We laugh, cry, talk parenting logistics and so much more. If you are considering whether you should join or not, do not hesitate!...this group has ben a Godsend.

- Mallory S.


Dena literally helped save my life. I had severe postpartum depression. I wasn't suicidal, but often thought that no one would care if I wasn't here anymore...this group pulled me out a hole so dark I had no idea how to get out of. I needed tools to function again. It has been so healing to be able to talk this stuff out with other mamas going through the same thing. I am forever grateful for the mamas club.

- Christy G.


The work Dena does is truly meaningful work! When I was at my lowest point of postpartum depression and anxiety, Dena provided the support and resources to help me get back to “me” and able to love up on my newborn again!...Highly recommend and can’t say enough good things about the group she has created. I wouldn’t have overcome my obstacles without it.


- Elizabeth G.


Empowered mamas club

Online Membership Community

A monthly membership to an exclusive community of mamas who are leveling up their lives as they work to become the best versions of themselves. Join fellow mamas who are ready to shake up their lives and move from exhausted, emotionally heavy, and overwhelmed to commanding control despite your circumstances.

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The Empowered
Postpartum Year

online postpartum planning course

Prepare your mind, body, and relationships for the first year after childbirth.

A convenient and informative online course that guides you and your partner/support system in preparing for the formative season of life following childbirth.

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Motherhood Therapy

Online therapy for Arizona moms

Therapy provided under the supervision of Empowered Minds Counseling.

Trauma informed whole human approach to healing; guiding you in connecting to your mind, body, spirit, & community to influence how you think, feel, & act. Unlocking the power you have within yourself to heal & feel your best. 


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