Hello you beautiful soul!
I'm  Dena Tibsherany

Licensed Masters Level Social Worker
c Trauma & Motherhood Empowerment Coach

Creator of The Empowered Mamas Club
Host of the Empower 2 Heal Podcast

Mama to my beautiful son


Empowered Mama's Support Group

Live support group on zoom

This one is just for you Mama.

Come as you are and engage as much as you want. 

This is a safe space to feel seen, heard, and to support each other through motherhood.

We've got you Mama, you are not alone.


Trauma Informed Approaches


Education Rooted in Mental Health  Wellness

Reframing Thought Patterns

Mind Body Connection

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"Dena provides the type of care, attention, and guidance you have always wanted but can rarely find from a professional service you have engaged to support your journey through personal growth and development.  "

- Nicole Olsen

"Working with Dena has been incredibly inspiring and is always filled with learning, growing and developing personally. Her wisdom and compassion for supporting others in harnessing their strength and courage is honorable. She is always such a radiant light of hope, support and love.”

- Rylee Kaczyski

“Dena is an incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic resources for mothers! She has changed my perspective on stress management on my journey into motherhood.”

- Brooke Hickethier