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Empowered Mamas App

Download our Empowered Mamas App to begin healing today!

The Empowered Mamas App guides you in preparing for and navigating:


The year following child birth


Get instant access to education, guided practices, and planning tools through the Empowered Mamas App!

As mothers, we have a unique opportunity to heal ourselves and create healing for future generations of our family.


Join our online community in our private App and Facebook group to learn and practice healing techniques.

Just For Moms

The Empowered Mamas App is built for anyone who considers themselves to be a mother of a child at any stage of life.


It brings mothers together, to connect and share relatable journeys in the safety of a community amongst a sisterhood that is committed to healing and growing. Dr. James Gordon teaches about the benefit of sharing community in his book, The Transformation, stating “Each of us gives the other a mirror in which we can more easily see our own challenges, a mirror that may show us unexpected ways to meet those challenges” (Gordon, The transformation: Discovering wholeness and healing after trauma 2019).

Mothers are the creators, gatekeepers, and divine healers. We have the power to bring life into this world, shape and mold the lives of those we mother, break the cycle of generational trauma and influence future generations.


Research around attunement, attachment, trauma, and healing the nervous system show a clear trickle-down effect in maternal mental health and children’s mental and physical health. By supporting mothers, we support the entire family unit and future generations.

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